Welcome to USOR!

Welcome to USOR Online Role Playing Games Verson 4

What is USOR? - A Powerful RPG System with Better Adventure Experience

USOR or Universal Set of Rules. It is a universal RPG system that works with any genre of game and is played entirely online. It is essentially a digitized pen and paper role-playing game system or a digitized virtual tabletop RPG. The rules are designed to be infinitely scalable without any restrictions to any dice rolls, which brings players more possibilities in game play.

Completely Free & Online

USOR is also an online community with chat rooms where players can talk to each other and USOR admin to get help and tips on how to play. Game play, along with all information and content, is entirely online. The best of all is it is completely free!

Easy to Use (1 Click Character Creation)

It is tedious and time consuming to learn a new RPG game system. That is why we have 12 sample characters with difference focuses created and ready for players. All you need to do is 1 click on the button. Tweek the pre-populated character stats all you want if you want to spice up the character.

The Main Features include:

  • 1 Click Character Creation
  • RPG Community in Chat Room
  • Infinitely Scalable RPG System

Check out the video on the right for our first world - Fragments of Karn. More worlds will come up for the next months!

Email us @ info@usorgames.com or leave message to us in chat room (chat.usorgames.com) for any questions.